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TurboTax 2019 Desktop Tax Software

Another year, another tax return to be filed. TurboTax offers a few different options for Tax Preparation Software and these options come in different versions. Both online tax filing, and downloadable or cd installation TurboTax 2019 desktop tax software offer variable advantages.

With TurboTax desktop tax software you have the ability to work offline in remote areas, or just for security purposes.

With TurboTax Desktop Tax Software one big advantage surely is the ability to work on your tax return without the need for an internet connection.

This can be a big advantage when traveling, or just when you are in a remote location without the convenience of a internet service provider.

How to choose the right TurboTax Edition

Choosing the right edition of TurboTax 2019 tax software is more automated than ever. Now-days, you simply start with the most basic edition you think will work for your tax filing needs and TurboTax will prompt you if it finds that you will need to upgrade to a more detailed edition for you to perform all the tasks needed based on your tax filing requirements.

Installing TurboTax 2019 Tax Software

The installation procedure for installing TurboTax software for Windows is pretty straight forward.

It's best to start by closing all open programs on your computer for safety purposes, including any firewall and virus-protection programs (be sure to turn those back on after installation).

If you downloaded your edition of TurboTax software, just double-click the downloaded file to launch the TurboTax installer.

However, if you bought a CD, insert the CD into your computer's disc drive and the installation should start automatically.

Tada, that's it! TurboTax will prompt you to see if you want the state download and installation.

TurboTax 2019 Software Editions Available For PC Installation

Your TurboTax Desktop tax software installation may not always go as planned. There is always a small chance that the installation may encounter incompatibility issues or get hung up with other software that is already installed on your computer. there could also be issues that arise with the compatibility to your computers hardware. While the chance of this happening is very limited, is can pose a complicated problem.

TurboTax Technical Support

In this case, turn to TurboTax Software Technical Support for help.

PHONE: Turbo Tax (Intuit) technical support phone # 1-888-777-3303