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Tax Refund Calculator
2017 - 2018

Some people love math, and others hate it. I fall into the later category. Fortunately for those of you that feel the same as I do, and for the math lovers that feel like taking the express rout, we offer up our Tax Refund Calculator. This tax tool make calculating taxes easy as 123.

  1. Select the tax year
  2. Select each taxing entity for your tax filing status
  3. Enter your taxable income and click calculate for each one

Once you have used the tax refund calculator to calculate each of these, you can add them together for your total tax bill.

It's really that easy, and you will find yourself being far more prepared to meet any income tax liability you have when you know what it is ahead of time. A tax refund calculation is something you should do several time each and every year to stay on top of you finances.

Now whether you realize it or not, there are three taxing entities that are sucking tax dollars out of your pocket. Your federal taxes are calculated from these three sources then added together. The three taxing entities include:

  1. Federal Income Tax
  2. Social Security Tax
  3. Medicare Tax

Federal Tax Return Refund Calculator

Calculating income taxes has never been easier with the tax tools available to taxpayers today. Plus, making this effort several times a year could lead to tax deductions and overall better financial tax planning for the year.

No Net Income Figure? Adding Tax Deductions To Your Tax Refund Calculation.

Our simple tax refund calculator above requires a net income figure. This is to say that you have already reduced your gross income to a net taxable income by applying any tax deductions and credits you can qualify for. If you haven't done that, you should use one of the free TurboTax tax calculator or H&R Block tax calculator.

These two tax refund calculators will walk you through a more elaborate calculation process that includes calculating in tax deductions, credits, and benefits.

Adding in these tax breaks could influence your net taxable income significantly, and put more cash back in your pocket.

With many many tax free tax tools like these on the market. it's hard to make excuses why you may not have a clue what your tax obligations are with the IRS.

Making good financial decisions requires you to have some sound financial knowledge about your finances. Keeping in tune with your federal tax obligations is a great start to better tax planning.

While many options exist for helping you determine your taxable income, top notch products from popular tax service brands continue to be the go to products most consumers choose.

Give yourself a boost in tax knowledge and stay informed all year round on your tax liabilities and you will be far better prepared to meet them.







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