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2019 - 2020 Tax Bracket Rates

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As tax time comes around and its time to pay the piper "Uncle Sam". there's a multitude of calculations that are required to be completed to figure out the bottom line number that determine your financial fate with the IRS.

Determining what you owe is calculated by adding several tax rate figures together from each tax bracket. As your income increases into the next bracket, that portion of income is taxed at the higher tax rate - and so on.

Tax Bracket Rates

An Overview of Historical Tax Rates

1992 1993-2000 2001 2002 2003-2012 2013-2017 2019
      10% 10% 10% 10%
15% 15% 15% 15% 15% 15% 12%
28% 28% 27.5% 27% 25% 25% 22%
31% 31% 30.5% 30% 28% 28% 24%
  36% 35.5% 35% 33% 33% 32%
  39.6% 39.1% 38.6% 35% 35% 35%
          39.6% 37%


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TurboTax Online Tax FilingThe tax rate calculator tells you what your tax rate is for any portion of income you make that falls within a specific tax bracket, then each portion of income falling into higher tax brackets as your income grows is calculated and added to the previous bracket rate total. Down Right Confusing?

No Worries, federal income tax calculators work with all these figures to determine what your financial tax liability will be for you... Having a tool like this that allows you to not have to torque your brain helps!

Statutory Tax Rate

A statutory tax rate refers to legally imposed tax rates. In the United States we have multiple statutory tax rates for different levels of income.

The statutory tax rate is expressed as a percentage so it will always be higher than an effective tax rate.

Average Tax Rate

An average tax rate refers to the ratio of total taxes paid to a total tax base, taxable income expressed as a percentage. In a proportional tax, the tax rate is fixed.

Marginal Tax Rate

A marginal tax rate is the tax rate an individual would pay on each additional dollar of income. As your income goes up, each dollar of income that falls within the next higher tax bracket is taxed at that new corresponding tax rate. Thus, the marginal tax rate is the tax percentage on the last dollar earned. In the United States we use the marginal tax rate system.

Implicit Marginal Tax Rate

For individuals that receive means tested benefits, benefits are decreased as more income is earned. Some economists argue that implicit marginal tax rates create that lack of incentive for work or promotion and can result in a structural income inequality.

Effective Tax Rate

Effective tax rate will have different meanings in different contexts. The term effective tax rate is used in financial reporting to measure the total taxes paid as a percentage of the company's accounting income, instead of as the percentage of its taxable income. It may incorporate econometric, estimated, or assumed adjustments to the actual data, or may be based entirely on assumptions and simulations.

Tax Rate Adjustments

H&R Block Online Tax PreparationThe federal tax brackets and tax rates for those earning more is the top debate that is trending in a fashion that implies taxing those in the upper tax brackets with a higher tax rate.

With major companies like GE paying no taxes in prior years it's no wonder the general public is ticked at our political system.

Tax Rate Changes

The tax rates are an ever ending debate in congress where the greed and special interest money keeps manipulating our tax system in an immoral and unfair way.